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Welcome to the House of Mercy Youth Ministry

Our youth are an important part of our church family. With the Youth Ministry we aim to provide leadership, teaching and opportunity to young people of the age range from year 5 to year 12, so that they can grow to be confident young people, with a passion for God, having GOOD CHRISTIAN CHARACTER and serving God faithfully whist consecutively focusing on their studies. We desire to provide these students with many opportunities to grow in their understanding of and love for God. We also want to encourage them to develop significant relationships with other students, as well as with adult believers. Here at House of Mercy we are additionally committed to giving parents the tools and support they need to effectively parent during their children’s adolescent years.     

We therefore run the following programs to provide students such support:

-Free Saturday tuition classes for revising Maths, English and Science. For more information on this, please click here.
-Youth dinners where the youths can fellowship with each other in a fun way. 
-Youth outings, where young people can visit various places and, similarly to the dinners, fellowship with each other in a proactive manner.
-Young people are also given opportunities to serve in different capacities in the church, based on their gifting and passion. 
-Music School to train Young people on how to play instruments. For more information on this, please click here.


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