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We urgently need a Church Building to  be able to run all our projects. Our current location  gives us limited opportunity to expand and doesn't have the facilities we need to run an efficient Music  School, Dance School or Food Bank. We are believing God to favour us  to move into our preferred location.

The building we are currently in had to be modified as it was and is still used for after school playground for children. So far, a lot of refurbishment work has already been done to enable a sound and safe environment where they could have their services. In the space of few weeks, out of God provision, we were able to acquire every instrument we needed for they services and other people joined with their families. Currently the ministry is growing and requires for a bigger building where Saturday Tuition Classes and other community projects could easily be run. In order to acquire a big enough building, we would need to raise at least £500,000.

Please help us raise the funds to move into the facilities we need by clicking on the donate button on the right of this page. Or go to the gofundme page for this project and support it. 


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