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Around January 2014, Pastors Jean Michel Tchamba and Arnauld Tengna Bobo (later joined by Pastor Albert Ako), through their collaborative works observed different needs that needed to be addressed within the communities they have worked with; as they were moved by compassion to meet those needs, they agreed to come together and set up a sound environment where people could come and be set free from the chains of life and be transformed to be whom God created them to be. They were both inspired and convinced that the mercy of God is needed to see people whole, that how without hesitation they choose to call the ministry ‘House of Mercy’

So, around end January 2015, Pastor Jean Michel Tchamba, while serving as assistant pastor in one of the Assembly of God congregation in North London and Pastor Arnauld Tengna Bobo serving under a branch of Christ Authority and Power Evangelical ministries Intl decided to share their vision and plan and project to their loves ones; then on the 22/02/2015, they had their first meeting at Custom House, Victoria Dock Road in London, where around seventeen people assisted including their own families. It is to notice that other people were invited, but many couldn't make for different reasons.

During the meeting they agreed on the Fundamental Truths, and to work together to project sound doctrine and to work together to achieve what they couldn't do on their own. Around the first week of January 2016, the two pastors were joined by Pastor Albert Ako, coming from the Apostolic Church Ministry in north London, Edmonton.

The building they were in had to be modified as it was and is still used for after school playground for children. So far, a lot of refurbishment work has already been done to enable a sound and safe environment where they could have their services. In the space of few weeks, out of God provision, they were able to acquire every instrument they needed for they services and other people joined with their families. Currently the ministry is growing and requires for a bigger building where Saturday Tuition Classes and other community projects could easily be run.


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